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The convergence of nanotechnology and life science provides an immense source for progress in biological and biomedical research. Advancement in this field will have a dramatic impact on the development of completely new concepts and innovative products in medicine, pharmacy and biotechnology.
Microscopy has always played a key role in life science research. Microscopy-related and high-end optical techniques bear the potential to visualise, better elucidate and finally control biological processes on the level of single molecules, individual living cells and living cell assemblies. Successfully addressing these issues will enable the convergence of life science and nanotechnology in research and for industrial applications.

company background

lpi light power instruments GmbH was founded in June 2005. The company holds pertinent intellectual properties and has built up a development team that is highly skilled and experienced in the field of optical nano-instrumentation. In August 2006, JPK Instruments AG acquired 100% of lpi´s company shares.


lpi´s mission is to develop optical nano-instrumentation for life science applications as a basis for uncompromised success in research as well as in industrial applications. Our developments will be based on unique high-end technologies and on profound knowledge of market needs. We seek to provide solutions that can enhance 3D real-time live-cell imaging with high spatial and temporal resolution. We also seek solutions for imaging techniques that - in contrast to descriptive techniques - will enable quantification of biological processes within individual cells.